Rents Rising In Dallas (What To Do)

Dallas apartment

Learn how to handle rising rents in Dallas

As the employment rate grows in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, reports reveal that renters should expect a 5.4% increase, which surpasses the national average.

Employment growth has resulted in a strong demand for apartments, and property owners are capitalizing on this state.

Has your landlord just given you notice, indicating plans to increase the rent? Here’s what to do.

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The Best Disc Golf Courses In Dallas

B.B. Owen Park

Enjoy a great game at B.B. Owen Park

Disc golf is a sport that encourages you to get out and be active. It also offers a free activity for your entire family to enjoy.

You can play the fast-growing sport competitively or for fun. The easy to learn game is also inexpensive and allows for great exercise.

The game is similar to golf except you use a ball and flying discs rather than clubs. Unlike golf, which needs formalized tee times, this sport provides a more relaxed atmosphere.

If you’re in Dallas, ensure you check out these courses.

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The Minor League Sports Scene In Dallas


Enjoy a great game from the AirHogs

Minor league is a hierarchy of proficient baseball leagues that compete at ranks below Major League Baseball (MLB). These leagues offer opportunities for player growth and a means to prepare for the MLB.

For numerous years, sports teams have given citizens communal pride while offering a social gathering for distant neighbors. The establishment of minor-league baseball in Dallas occurred in 1888.

If you’re a fan of baseball, be sure to check out these teams during your Dallas visit.

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New Trends In Apartment Decorating For Summer 2015

Reclaimed wood

Incorporate reclaimed wood this summer

From getting a summer makeover to following the most recent wardrobe trends, you may be prepared to beat the scorching heat. However, have you thought about your apartment?

While you’re still enjoying the sounds and sights of spring, this is also the time to think about prepping your home for the coming hotter months. If you haven’t refurbished your interiors since the holiday season, your living space is perhaps still stuck in the winter mode and requires an urgent makeover.

It’s imperative your dwelling spells comfort. To help you achieve a cozy residence, incorporate the new d├ęcor trends that will characterize the world of interior design in the next coming months.

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The Best Shopping Districts In Dallas

West Village

Enjoy shopping at the West Village

Dallas has earned an international reputation as a destination for trendy apparel, choices of shops, stores, and boutiques. From the trendy and chic Uptown district to the extensive suburban malls, the Dallas area is packed with numerous options.

Shopping in the Big D isn’t merely a dull chore necessary to outfit your kids, home, and yourself. It is a social activity, pastime, and entertainment.

If you’re trying to locate the best shopping districts in this city, check this out.

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Where To Find The Best Food Trucks In Houston

Bernie's Burger Bus

Enjoy an old-school burger from Bernie’s Bus

Today, a new crop of street-foodies is lining up at food carts and trucks like never before. However, neither food carts nor trucks are new to the American streets.

Like other numerous popular trends, they’re the latest version of an ancient element of world and American culture. However, the street-food industry has enjoyed tremendous publicity.

Houston is renowned for its food scene and food trucks have recently emerged as some of the most thrilling new arrivals. Most people favor food trucks because they offer varied food items. Furthermore, these mobile food establishments have something for everyone.

If you’re looking for the best trucks in Houston, check this out.

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The Best Disc Golf Courses In Houston

Spring Valley Disc Golf Course

Enjoy a game of disc golf at the Spring Valley Course

Disc golf merges the traditions and challenges of the greatest games worldwide-golf with a contemporary recreational phenomenon-disc throwing.

This enjoyable activity is ideal for families. Furthermore, it’s healthful, inexpensive, and a great way of enjoying the outdoors. If you’re in Houston, you’ll discover the city’s flat terrain and warm weather make for perfect golf conditions throughout the year.

Just about anyone can play this game provided you can follow the basic golf rules and throw a Frisbee. The sport allows you to have some competitive fun outdoors while offering a full body workout from walking and throwing.

Houston offers over 50 courses situated at parks, schools, and churches in Houston. If you’re visiting and wish to enjoy some disc golf, here’s a list of the top courses you should check out.

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The Best Tours To Take Family and Friends In Dallas

Southfork Ranch

Enjoy a tour at the legendary Southfork Ranch

If you’re a visitor looking for an entertaining way to see Dallas sights, you’ll discover that taking a tour is an excellent way of getting oriented.

Tours offer locals and visitors alike a distinctive way of discovering the city’s hidden gems.

Perhaps you have a few hours to spare between meetings and wish to know the best places to see or you’re developing a comprehensive weekly schedule. Either way, this list should give you a great start.

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Learn The History Of Dallas At These Locations

Old Red Museum

Discover Dallas history at the Old Red Museum

Amusing, educational, historic, and iconic are some of the words that describe the city of Dallas. Regardless of the site you decide to visit, you will certainly discover experiences unique to the city.

Although the Big D is comparatively young compared to numerous cities, its past is as eventful and colorful as others are.

While most people associate it with fine dining and great shopping, discerning travelers will also discover that Dallas offers a magnificent blend of history, fun, and culture.

Are you a visitor looking to experience the history behind this city? Here’s a list of places you must check out before your departure.

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Where To See Art In Dallas This Summer

Dallas Museum of Art

Don’t miss art exhibitions this summer

Dallas isn’t merely about sports and cowboys; the city has an extensive art scene from globally renowned museums such as the Dallas Museum of Art to various local galleries.

Furthermore, the art events will certainly make your trip memorable. Whether you’re looking for the next art piece to hang in your house or you’re simply an art enthusiast looking to experience the city’s art community, Dallas has something for everyone.

If you’re wondering where to obtain a great art experience this summer, check this out.

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