Clubs Where You Can See Under-The-Radar Country Music This Summer

South Side Music Hall

Enjoy great country music at South Side Music Hall

Dallas is home to a diverse music scene, so expect to experience incredible live music while here. When it comes to clubs specializing in live country music, your options are limitless.

Attending concerts at outdoor spots especially during the hot summer can be uneventful. Not only will the temperatures be unfavorable but you’ll also have to withstand a crowded space with strangers.

You’re better off enjoying your music in a climate-controlled setting regardless of how dedicated you are as a fan. Fortunately, Dallas is host to several great places where you can enjoy under-the-radar country music this summer.

If you’re wondering where to enjoy great country music, check out these clubs.

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5 Offbeat Texas Events

Great Texas Balloon Race

Have fun at the Great Texas Balloon Race during summer

Texas is home to numerous annual events and this year is no exception. If you plan to visit Texas, plan around a Texas event and make it unique.

There are a number of fun festivals and activities to consider this summer, so mark your calendar and prepare to have some fun. Whether you are merely seeking an opportunity to relax with your family or engage in a challenging activity, Texas has it all.

Regardless of your time of visit, Texas State features numerous events that will undoubtedly make your trip memorable. Discover events for instance cultural festivals and art fairs in unique venues.

With the numerous events taking place annually, something special is always happening in Texas. If you’re curious about your favorite event, check out these Texas events.

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The Best Country Music Festivals in Dallas This Summer

Texas Folklife Festival

Texas Folklife Festival is a great place to be during summer

Summertime is typically synonymous with music festivals. Dallas is home to various music festivals of different genres.

In case you’ve run out of ideas and activities to engage in during summer, you could always join countless music enthusiasts at one of these festivals. Besides helping you unwind, music festivals offer a great opportunity to socialize and enjoy the music scene.

Dallas is host to a diverse mix of music. Whether you’re a jazz or classical fan, there are numerous music festivals that will undoubtedly meet your needs. Here are the best country music festivals near Dallas this summer.

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5 Best Ways To Avoid The Hottest Days Of Summer

Dallas Topgolf

Topgolf is a great activity to do during the cooler summertime nights.

It gets hot down here in Texas.

We’re talking the type of heat where you feel like you’re sitting on top of a hot skillet all day. You can’t get away from it no matter where you go.

But there are a few tricks to getting away from the summertime heat.

If you’re new to the Dallas area and you’re not used to the heat then the following are a few tips for avoiding the hottest days of the Dallas Summer.

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Fun Apartment Listing Translations

Apartment Listing Translations

Here is what that apartment listing really means.

Have you ever circled a promising apartment listing only to be disappointed when you went to see it?

This happens all the time to people looking for the perfect apartment. For some reason, apartment owners and managers want to oversell what they’re offering to get people interested.

Actually, they do it because they feel like that if people just see the apartment they’ll become interested. Or maybe they think that people will feel obligated to lease it once they see it.

Either way, it’s usually better to be up front with what an apartment is when creating a listing. This means that when people are interested that they’ll actually be interested.

If you’ve struggled with apartment listing descriptions, we’re going to help you to translate some of the language you’ll see.

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Tiger Woods To Design Course North Of Houston

Tiger Woods Mexico Golf Design

Tiger’s first golf course design will open in Mexico. (Image: Tiger Woods Facebook)

Tiger Woods is coming to Houston and he’s building a golf course.

The world’s best golfer has reached an agreement to design a course with Bluejack National in Montgomery, Texas.

Bluejack National will be a membership community offering championship golf along with other activities and amenities for entire families and people of all ages.  Continue reading

How To Hang Artwork In Your Dallas Apartment

How To Hang Artwork

Hanging artwork is an expression of your style, but make sure to hang it right the first time. (Image: Dee Speed)

One of the trickiest situations for apartment renters is hanging artwork and photos on the walls.

Nobody wants to live in an all white space. It can make you feel like you’re in a hospital or other sterile environment.

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5 Co-Working Offices In Dallas

Common Desk Co-Working Space

Get a dedicated desk at Common Desk. (Image: Common Desk Facebook)

It seems like more people than ever before are doing freelance work. One study alone found that one third of people will be freelance workers by 2020.

Many people still work for a single employer, of course. It’s been that way for years, but there has been a shift in the way people work.

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Great Dallas Neighborhoods For Young Professionals

If you’re a young professional looking for a place to make your mark then Dallas is a great city.

Whether you’re originally from the area or if you’re from out of town taking a new job, Dallas offers a lot of opportunity, excitement and entertainment for young professionals.

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5 Cleaning Hacks For Your Apartment

Cleaning Hacks

Clean a dirty sink with Kool Aid to leave it fresh and shiny.

One of the best things about moving to a new apartment is the chance to make a fresh new start. When everything is clean, empty and impersonal, you’re given a blank canvas to completely characterize the space in your own personal style.

But sustaining such a comfortable way of life isn’t particularly easy, especially if you live in Dallas TX, where there’s always something to keep your mind occupied.

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