Dallas Activities Roundup: November 2014

Carrollton Festival

Have a great time at Carrollton Festival

November brings great events, cooler temperatures, and Thanksgiving. This month also brings some great events and festivals. If you wish to find out about the exciting events that will take place in November in Dallas, check this out.

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7 After Work Activities For Singles In Dallas

Bowl & Barrel

Enjoy a great bowling experience at Bowl & Barrel

For numerous single women and men, Dallas is an appealing city. The vibrant city offers numerous opportunities for them to socialize. Whether you are interested in dating or simply wish to mingle and have a good time with other singles, Dallas has something for everyone. In case you are wondering which activities to engage in after work, check this out.

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10 Favorite Halloween Costumes For 2014

Halloween Costumes

Determine your favorite costume for 2014

These days, people no longer dress as a simple witch, vampire, or ghost during Halloween, which is around the corner. Online shopping sites such as Pinterest or Halloween stores have increased your options.

Ideally, a good costume is humorous and relevant. You do not have to spend a considerable amount to portray a certain character. Your costume is likely to be unique provided you are not afraid to put yourself out there and commit to your costume fully.

It may become difficult to put your costume together if you wait until the last minute. Furthermore, you risk paying high costs for mismatched costumes.

If you’re still undecided, check out these favorite costumes for 2014.

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3 Exciting Things Happening In Dallas Heading Into 2015

Victory Park

What to expect from the new Victory Park Tower

The numerous activities that characterize Dallas make this city very exciting. Heading into 2015, locals should expect various exciting things.

From new hotels to major renovations, expect numerous changes the upcoming year. In case you’re wondering which projects these are, check this out.

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5 Favorite Places To Walk Your Dog In Dallas

White Rock Lake Park

Enjoy walking your dog at White Rock Lake Park

With approximately 1.2 million individuals residing within the city, it is safe to state that Dallas has a diverse population in addition to a huge and growing dog population. The city caters to dogs and their owners in huge ways regardless of whether they are merely visiting or reside in Dallas.

Featuring numerous parks, trails, and outdoor spaces, Dallas is the ideal place for your dog. One of the best things about Dallas is the numerous places to walk your hound.

Handful opportunities exist in Dallas for dogs to run free with their owners without the limitations of the city. If you’re seeking a place where your pet can play and stretch, check this out.

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A Guide To Bike Trails In Dallas

Katy Trail

Enjoy a bike ride on Katy Trail

Over the last decade, bike trails have gained popularity as recreational amenities in the United States. While couples use them for taking walks, parents teach their children to ride bicycles, and others use them for weight loss.

According to studies, trails offer numerous benefits including traffic reduction and improvement of air quality. Owing to these benefits, the Dallas County and several of its cities have been working diligently to develop a comprehensive system in the Dallas region.

The county aims to develop a system that connects neighborhoods, workplaces and other major destinations, enabling people to walk, skate, hike, or bike from one county to the next.

If you’re wondering which bike trails exist in Dallas, check this out.

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5 Furniture Hacks For Apartment Renters

Apartment Furniture

Furniture tips for apartment dwellers

Furnishing a small space needs furniture that capitalizes on space and functions in numerous ways. Small rooms need more planning compared to larger ones. However, a few good options could convert a small apartment into a relaxing space that feels spacious.

When selecting apartment furniture, there are numerous factors to consider particularly if the space is small. The furniture should be attractive and functional besides being space saving. Although attractiveness is dependent on personal taste, some styles are suitable in apartments than others.

The appropriate designs, colors, and styles create a more open and comfortable feeling. If you’re wondering what furniture to select for your apartment, check this out.

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How To Grow A Garden When You Live In An Apartment

Apartment Garden

Learn how to grow an apartment garden

Do you wish to grow a garden but lack space in your apartment? Like most, you probably think this is impossible. However, this is not the case. Restricted space shouldn’t prevent you from having a garden.

Apartment living does not have to mean life without plants. Small scale gardening can be fulfilling and enjoyable. Learning how to start apartment gardening provides the chance to indulge in your preferred hobby while residing in a small apartment.

Having your own garden offers numerous benefits. To begin with, it’s fun and allows cost-saving if you grow vegetables and herbs for personal use.

Apartment dwellers can also gain from gardening without luxurious external space. Since you reside in an apartment, you must consider numerous factors when selecting a spot for your garden. If you’re still wondering how to pull this off, check this out.

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Will A Studio Apartment Work For You?

Studio Apartment

Determine whether a studio apartment will suit your needs

A studio apartment is a small, affordable type of residence that is common in cities. Also called an efficiency apartment, the newer concept is rapidly becoming popular across the globe particularly since apartments are currently very costly.

The self-contained unit is ideal for singles that don’t have numerous belongings or wish to save money on bills and rent. It is a perfect place if you are just starting out and need a little space.

If you are contemplating whether to live in a studio apartment, check this out.

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Is An Apartment Too Small For A Growing Family?

Apartment Living

How to fit a growing family in an apartment

Are you just starting a family or expecting an additional member? Apartment living may still meet your needs.

There are several advantages to renting an apartment. One of the major benefits is that they are usually less costly. Many times, the owners or managers will pay some of the utilities thereby saving you money.

Additionally, numerous apartment complexes include amenities that you would not access in a rented house for instance a pool or laundry services.

Apartment living presents unique challenges for a growing family especially when it comes to space and privacy. However, apartments are not just for young couples and singles. They are also suitable for growing families, so check this out if you’re wondering how to fit your family in an apartment.

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