Where To See Art In Dallas This Summer

Dallas Museum of Art

Don’t miss art exhibitions this summer

Dallas isn’t merely about sports and cowboys; the city has an extensive art scene from globally renowned museums such as the Dallas Museum of Art to various local galleries.

Furthermore, the art events will certainly make your trip memorable. Whether you’re looking for the next art piece to hang in your house or you’re simply an art enthusiast looking to experience the city’s art community, Dallas has something for everyone.

If you’re wondering where to obtain a great art experience this summer, check this out.

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The Best Places To Have Guests Stay When They Visit

The Guesthouse on Allen Street

Enjoy your stay at The Guesthouse on Allen Street

Selecting a place to stay will help ensure a relaxing Dallas visit. As a visitor, you don’t have to give up comfort or luxury to save money on hotels.

Actually, savvy travelers recognize that saving on accommodations leaves extra room in their budgets for attractions, shopping, and dining out.

You’ll discover that the Big D features numerous kinds of accommodations around town-from the suburbs to downtown. If you plan to visit this city, here’s a list of places you can stay during your visit.

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5 Fun New Outdoor Activities To Do In Dallas

Cedar Crest Course

Enjoy golf at Cedar Crest

Dallas offers residents and visitors plenty of activities irrespective of your budget or taste. Regardless of what you enjoy, whether it’s spending the afternoon at a local park or biking, Dallas features a wide range of outdoor spots that are ideal for different seasons.

If you’re looking for a fun and enjoyable activity in the city, this list should get you started.

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A Guide To Dallas Outdoor Activities In Summer 2015

Shakespeare Dallas

Enjoy Shakespeare this summer

Have you made plans for summer or have you run out of ideas?

Situated in the center of Trinity River Valley enclosed by prairies and featuring various parks and green spaces, Dallas offers visitors and residents various fun outdoor activities.

Regardless of your mood-whether you wish to take the kids to a great park or enjoy a picnic, Big D offers a wide range of outdoor spots and activities for everyone.

If you’re seeking ways to enjoy your summer while enjoying the beautiful scenery, check out these suggestions.

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3 Big Concerts In Dallas This Summer


Don’t miss NKOTB’s live performance this summer

Visitors regularly flock Dallas to explore the dazzling sounds and sights of one of the most dynamic American cities. Besides being a financial powerhouse, the city is highly proud of its lively entertainment scene, with its Arts District being host to various live performance venues.

Watching your favorite band in a live performance can be an exhilarating and exciting thing. However, concert tickets are usually costly. When you include service charges, food costs, and parking fees onto your ticket price, you’re likely to spend a huge chunk of money to enjoy the experience.

Nevertheless, there’s more to attending a concert than merely having a good time.

If you’re debating whether to buy a ticket to a Dallas concert, ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to see these celebrities showcase their outstanding performances.

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5 Places Uber Can Take You In Dallas


Tour Granbury in style and comfort

Outsourcing your transportation can be a good idea, particularly if you wish to attend various events. Uber is an American global company, which develops, operates, and markets a mobile-app-based transportation network.

You can easily get a taxi, rideshare, or private car from your phone. If you’re struggling to find a taxi, Uber links you to a driver in a short time. With the app, you can also obtain a fare estimate before making a request.

If you’re in Dallas looking for transportation that meets your budget and style, check this out.

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3 Fun Things Happening In Dallas This Summer


Enjoy your summer at the Dallas Arboretum

Dallas is known worldwide for numerous things-sports, cowboys, barbecue, and Texan hospitality. While it certainly has its share of these things, it also provides residents and visitors various fun, educational, and cultural events.

If you’re short on summer activities for you and your family, check out this list of fun things to do.

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The IT Job Market In Dallas Is Expected To Grow In 2015

Tech Jobs

Know more about the IT job market in Dallas

Are you a tech professional seeking a job in Dallas? If so, you might be lucky.

Chief information officers (CIOs) in 24 major American cities were questioned regarding their IT hiring plans for the first half of the year. The survey revealed that Dallas was among the five cities expected to increase the most IT careers in Q1 and Q2.

The survey further revealed that the first half of this year would remain very competitive as IT departments increase their teams to tackle three tech employment drivers: mobile, security, and big data.

If you’re considering IT employment in this city, this guide will prove invaluable.

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7 Steps to Finding Your Perfect Roommate

How to Find the Perfect Roommate

Learn how to find the perfect roommate

Do you need a roommate to help decrease your rental expenses?

The fact is-a considerable number of people cannot afford to reside alone. Roommates help promote efficient living and may even provide a way of forging new friendships. The best way to avoid conflicts involves selecting the right roommate to begin with.

While selecting roommates based on their friendliness can be tempting, it’s advisable you judge them based on daily living compatibility. Regardless of whether you’re planning to share living space with one or more people, some planning and forethought are necessary.

If you’re planning to save money on rent by considering a roommate, this guide will prove invaluable.

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3 Family Friendly Places To Go In The Houston Area

Houston Zoo

Have a great time at the Houston zoo

Houston’s image as an all-business city has changed gradually into one that comprises its share of spots for family fun. The Bayou city has undergone a transformation over the years from a city that was all-work and no-fun to one characterized by music and film festivals, food trucks, and indie shops.

Today, the city is full of destinations where you can have fun with your kids. You’ll discover the city is rich in exciting places and fun events, so you can never run out of activities to do throughout your time here.

If you’re wondering which attractions appeal to children and adults, check out this list.

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