7 Decorator Tricks For Small Living Rooms


Decorator tricks

Are you struggling to decorate your living room? Follow these tips

Are you facing challenges in decorating your small living room? Don’t fret. These tricks will help you make the most of your small space.

Decorating a small living room poses distinctive challenges for all designers. Designing the living room can be particularly tricky because it’s where you probably spend most of your time.

Nevertheless, these strategies can transform a cramped-feeling area into one that’s aesthetically pleasing and cozy.

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Is It Time To Purge Some Of Your Belongings?


Does your apartment have too much clutter?

Are you constantly tripping over something whenever you walk into a room in your apartment? Perhaps it’s time you purged some of your belongings.

Your apartment should be a place of enjoyment and relaxation. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case for most of us.

Clutter is one of the major sources of stress and tends to sneak up on us easily. While the purging process can be overwhelming, it’s certainly worth it.

If you’re wondering whether it’s time to purge your stuff, check this out.

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Events Coming To Dallas This Fall

State Fair of Texas

Enjoy countless activities this fall at the State Fair of Texas

Though the end of summer implies shorter days and lower temperatures, the fall season provides numerous opportunities for outdoor fun.

Whether you’re a resident or visitor, check out the various fall events and activities you simply can’t miss in Dallas.

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5 Ideas For Getting Extra Space In Your Apartment Bedroom


Enhance your bedroom space with a futon

A bedroom should be a place for relaxation, unwinding, and a haven from chaos. However, it’s difficult to feel serene in a cramped space.

A bedroom isn’t merely for sleeping in, it’s used for working, reading, and watching TV among other activities.

While it may be possible to accomplish all these activities in a small space, being crammed in a small bedroom could result in the loss of relaxation and comfort that a bedroom should offer. Nevertheless, these tips will help you create extra space without resorting to a major and costly remodel.

1. Lighting

Lighting plays a significant role in the appearance of a room. This doesn’t imply that brighter is always better.

However, the lighting should be reasonably bright. Moreover, no areas should be in shadow or abrupt changes from bright to darker areas. This will make the room feel more open.

Bear in mind that you can manipulate lighting to increase visible room volume. There are various ways to influence your apartment space with lighting.

For instance, you could place small lamps in corners and on walls for wall expansion. You could also consider small light fittings, which help make a room appear bigger.

It’s important to note that apartments have unique dimensions, so you may want to consider trial-and-error techniques or consult an architect to establish the best way to enhance space through lighting.

2. Furniture

A bed isn’t the only piece of furniture in a bedroom. You’ll also find tables, dressers, chairs, and other items.

Consider placing small and slim furniture to free up space while making the room appear larger. Another important consideration is multifunctional furniture.

You can have a bed with drawers underneath and a bookshelf at the headboard. Multifunctional furniture also includes a futon, which offers a sofa and bed in one.

If you opt for a huge piece of furniture, make sure it can accommodate most of your storage needs without having to include other furniture pieces to block important space.

3. Creative Storage

A small bedroom can frequently feature wasted space. You’ll often discover space under your bed and under the closet. The space under your bed is perfect for exercise equipment or items you require once daily.

While accessing things under the bed may be inconvenient, the additional space you acquire makes it worthwhile.

You could also fit high-mounted wall shelves to free up space underneath, giving your room a more open and clean look.

You should also organize your storage closet to use all vertical space effectively.¬† Storing more items in your closet means you’ll store less items in the main bedroom area. A closet organizer will also give your current closet more space to contain or hold more shoes, books, etc.

4. De-clutter

All rooms typically accumulate junk and the bedroom is a common source of clutter. Ensure you examine your small bedroom closely to remove the non-essential items in it. De-cluttering will free up more space while giving the room a more open look.

5. Different Bed Types

While a huge bed is nice, you can’t afford this form of luxury in a small bedroom.¬† You’ll discover a large bed takes up considerable floor space, making the room look cramped and small.

Consider investing in smaller beds that feature a slim design. These beds not only free up space but also make a room more airy.

All small bedrooms have unique problems, requiring specific solutions. However, if you can implement even a few of these tips, your small bedroom will feel and appear larger than it was.

For more information on how to get extra space in your apartment bedroom, contact us at Apartment Agents or leave other suggestions.

Image: Futon

Places To See Outdoor (And Free) Music In Houston

Miller Outdoor Theatre

Enjoy free music at the Miller Outdoor Theatre

Regardless of the type of music you enjoy, Houston offers various venues that allow visitors and locals to enjoy free music.

With numerous national acts calling Houston home, it’s no surprise that the city offers an excellent music scene. Whether it’s national or local bands, check out these venues to see and enjoy free outdoor music.

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An Overview Of The Craft Beer Scene In Houston

Hay Merchant

Check out this bar for an extensive craft beer list

An excellent beer bar isn’t merely about a big tap list. It takes excellent ambiance, knowledgeable staff, and great taste in selection.

The craft beer scene has expanded throughout Houston with various bars offering patrons a wide selection from which to choose. If you’re visiting and don’t know where to obtain craft beer, check out this list.

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A Guide To Wine Bars In Houston

Sonoma Wine Bar

Check out Sonoma for wine and great pizzas

Houston features numerous wine-centric venues, which differ in atmosphere. Previously, you’d find stuffy establishments with huge catalogues showcasing Italian and French varietals.

These days, you’re likely to find wine bars serving Spanish tapas while hosting some event at the same venue. Furthermore, patrons can access a wide range of exciting wines from foreign regions.

Houston hosts a wide range of wine bars that suit virtually every personality-most of them operated by connoisseurs. If you’re visiting and don’t know where to start, check out this list.

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Places To Catch Outdoor (And Free) Music In Dallas

Nasher Sculpture Center

Ensure you catch some outdoor music at the Nasher Sculpture Center

In a number of cities, free music is everywhere including coffee shops and on the streets. With the numerous venues in Dallas, you can enjoy a wide range of genres at various locations.

Whatever your preferences, these outdoor venues are ideal for music fans that may at times lack the funds to purchase tickets. If you’re looking for venues to enjoy free music, check these out.

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An Overview Of The Craft Beer Scene In Dallas

Meddlesome Moth

Enjoy some craft beer at Meddlesome Moth

In recent years, North Texas has experienced a craft-beer boom, making the drink a staple on numerous menus.

With the upsurge of craft beer across this part of the state, more establishments have embraced the trend. If you’re visiting Dallas and don’t know where to start, check out this list.

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A Guide To Wine Bars In Dallas

Mercy Wine Bar

Ensure you check out Mercy Wine Bar while in Dallas

Most people associate Dallas with beautiful architecture, stunning museums, and boutique shopping. Furthermore, there’s a lot of buzz around craft beer, especially among drinkers. However, the city also boasts new spots that focus on wine.

A good wine bar serves a wide range of customers, from those who can’t differentiate between a Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay to experts who wish to try a new release before purchasing a couple of cases for their cellars. Here’s a list of bars you can check out if you’re in Dallas

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