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Reward Terms

Apartment Agents is a full service apartment locator company serving the entire Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and greater Houston area. Customers receive free professional assistance from one of our licensed agents as well as access to our online listings which are updated daily. Our apartment locator service is FREE plus we provide you with a reward when you use our service to find your next apartment, townhome, or loft apartment. Our guidelines are simple and easy to understand. Simply follow these 3 easy steps to be eligible for your reward:

  • Search our listings and receive professional assistance from your licensed agent.
  • List "Apartment Agents" and "Your agent's name" as your referral source on your Guest Card and Rental Application.
  • Claim your reward.  It's really that easy.

Qualification Guidelines:

  • Apartment Agents and your agent's name must be listed on both your guest card and rental application.
  • You must lease at an apartment community found on our website or at an apartment community referred to you by your agent.
  • You must not have learned of or visited the apartment community prior to using our service.
  • Some apartment communities require that we register you before you visit. Please notify your agent before visiting the apartment communities so your agent can verify that any pre-registration requirements have been fulfilled.
  • Your monthly rental rate must be a minimum of $800.00 after concessions to qualify for the free move offer. If your rental rate is between $799 and $600 after concessions you will qualify for a $100 free move credit. Rental rates $599 and under after concessions will qualify for a $50 free move credit. See free move offer and terms.
  • Your monthly rental rate must be a minimum of $600.00 after concessions to qualify for the $100.00 cash reward. Rental rates $599 and under after concessions will qualify for a $50 cash reward.
  • The rental rate is defined as the effective average monthly rent after all concessions are applied. Concessions are defined as any discounts and/or specials offered by the apartment community that reduce your monthly rental rate.
  • Your name must appear on the lease as an occupant.
  • Only one free move or cash rebate will be provided per apartment.
  • You must stay current on your rent and do not break your lease contract.
  • No rewards are granted for renewing an existing lease.
  • You will not qualify for any offer if you transfer to a sister apartment community. A sister apartment community is owned or managed by the same company as the apartment community you are moving from.
  • You will not qualify for any offer if you, or anyone leasing with you, have signed a previous lease agreement or have a previous relationship with the apartment community.
  • You will not qualify for any offer if you found the apartment community using services other than Apartment Agents.
  • You must submit for your reward to us within 30 days of moving into the apartment community.
  • Apartment community must pay Apartment Agents a commission of no less than 50% of one month's rent or no less than a $400 flat fee for any reward offer to be valid.
  • A minimum lease term of 6 months is usually required by the apartment communities to pay our commission. Select apartment communities require that you sign a minimum lease term of 12 to 13 months to pay our commission. Your agent can verify any lease term requirements for you prior to visiting the apartment communities.
  • Cash rewards will only be sent after your apartment community has paid our invoice. Usually 4-12 weeks.

Non-payment by apartment community

  • All offers will be void if the apartment community denies Apartment Agents a commission or withholds consent.
  • Customer understands that if the apartment community selected withholds its consent and doesn't pay Apartment Agents our commission customer will be responsible for the cost of the move at the flat rate of $200.00.

Third Party Data Disclaimer

The apartment data provided on our website www.apartmentagents.com is supplied and updated by a third party data provider. This data includes apartment community rental information, pictures, pricing, specials, and availability dates displayed on our website and/or provided by agent assistance. Apartment Agents uses reasonable commercial efforts to ensure that this information is updated on a regular basis but cannot, and does, not warrant or verify the accuracy of this data. You acknowledge that any reliance upon said data shall be at your own risk. You agree to release, hold harmless and indemnify Apartment Agents from all liability arising from inaccurate or incomplete data.
Thank you for choosing Apartment Agents.

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